Enforce COVID-19 guidelines from any space

Providing health safety & hygiene to employees, customers & public with the help of social distancing, mandatory face masks, controlled & limited customers/employees at various regions, hand sanitation checks, face attendance and alerts along with reporting via an analytics dashboard & audible message

What does it all do?

Social Distance Monitoring of both Employees, Customers & Public

In case of violation of Social Distancing, an audible alert will be delivered via speaker in various languages like English, Hindi, Kannada etc along with an image of violation containing area of violation with time details.

Heat-map visualization for better sanitation on various touch points by people.

Monitoring Hands Sanitation Checks.

Controlling & Alerting on People OverCrowding at various areas.

Alerting & Capturing Violation on Face Mask Missing

Touchless Face Attendance of Employees

Temperature Monitoring of Employees and Customers

Data Insights through Web Application & Mobile

Advantages of using our Solution

Reducing overcrowding of people at various areas

Efficient contact tracing

Quantify and analyze distance between individuals and locations over time to identify non-compliance with Social Distancing.

Applying face mask usage across indoor & outdoor and alert based on no-mask on an individual

Touchless Face Attendance & Temperature provides adhering to safety protocols

Better management of Building Maintenance and Sanitization

Adhering to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

COVID-19 Solution Demos

What after Post COVID-19?

Can the Existing Covid-19 Solution can help my business on post covid-19 as well?
YES!! DocketRun sees a world even beyond the pandemic. It is working on various verticals and challenging areas like,


Passengers Traffic Analytics with better management of staff in peak hours, security surveillance and validating SOPs.


Touch-free infection control; measurement of contact with patients, surroundings, and surface areas; and guidance for cleaners with maps pointing out contaminated-areas. This can also measure skin temperature or track glove, gown, and mask utilization.


Traffic analytics, validation of SOPs, augmenting customer experience & behavior, and getting a grip on mystery shopping analytics.

Hospitality Industry

Hygiene Compliance: Uniform, Gloves, Hairnet/Safety Cap. Mask etc, Regular checks on Floor Mopping, Kitchen Hygiene & Maintenance. Customer Experience & Behaviour: Traffic Analytics (Ins/Outs), Queue Time, Order & Wait Time Management, Auto Check Ins & CheckOuts

Smart Campus

Energy & Water Management: Auto ON/OFF of Classrooms based on presence of Students & Teachers, Based on Traffic Insights (Ins/Outs) inside a building providing better management of Energy & Water Level Usages,Access to Verified & Non-verified vehicles via the Number Plate Recognition System with Entry & Exit time intervals, Overcrowding/Gathering of People at Particular Areas


Industrial SOP’s: Compulsory Helmet, Industrial Shoes, Gloves etc, Perimeter Protection and Traffic Flow Surveillance, Management and Optimization, Vehicle Insights, Utilization of Equipment

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