Accurate Store insights from any space

“DocketRun Proprietary AI Edge Device” captures highly accurate insights from every retail store at entrance, near products & other regions. Every insight is segmented by demographics, and reported via analytics dashboard

What it can do?

People Counting & Traffic Flow Rates: Counting number of customers visiting the store, the amount of time spent in the store.

Age & Gender Detection: Understanding the long term trends and patterns of consumer behavior by gender and age

Hotspot Map Identification: Hotspot maps can show the engagement levels within an area. High activity shows engagement by the shopper, whereas low activity shows minor or no engagement.

Real time, remote and easy access dashboard: Captured data is displayed via easy to understand simple charts, which allow individual store managers to make informed decisions, whilst enabling head office marketing and merchandising personnel to compare at a glance, business intelligence from high and low performing stores.

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